Reservations / Pre-order

Pre-order means that you simply order the item that is currently out of stock. 

For ETA (estimated time of arrival) in the Philippines. Please refer to Cargo Schedule below. 

Cargo Schedule

Cutoff Date                        ETA  in the Philippines

Until January 31                           March 3rd week

        February 28                          April 3rd week

        March 31                              May 3rd week

        April 30                                 June 3rd week

        May 31                                 July 3rd week

        June 30                                 August 3rd week

        July 31                                  September 3rd week

        August 31                             October 3rd week

        September 30                       November 3rd week

        October 31                            December 3rd week

        November 30                        January 3rd week

        December 31                        February 3rd week


If you are willing to wait, Simply send us Email via Contact Us

Or in our Facebook Page: Marui's Store (@maruistore)

Follow this format:

Unit name: AK Storm     Quantity: 1   (Sample only)



Please be noted that Pre-order is NON-REFUNDABLE.

"Used to describe money that you pay that you cannot get back."