0.28g BB (~500pcs.)

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  • Biodegradable BB bullets: BB bullets that are composed of plant-derived materials and mineral components that are friendly to the global environment and do not use any petroleum-based raw materials. It is suitable for use in outdoor fields because it is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide after falling to the surface by microorganisms in the soil and water.
    * Because it is a biodegradable material, it may be deformed if left in a place where the temperature exceeds 50 degrees, such as in a car in midsummer.
  • Achieves super sphericity: Adopts high precision processing by the steel bearing manufacturing method, realizes a diameter of 5.95 mm (within plus or minus 10 microns of error), and the individual difference of bullets is significantly reduced.
  • Straightness UP: Special material and original manufacturing method improve the specific gravity balance of BB bullets. We are pursuing the accuracy and stability of hitting points to the utmost limit.
  • Also ideal for precision shooting competitions: Wide range of support from survival games to precision shooting. Among them, 0.28BB pursues the flight distance and straightness of the airsoft gun exclusively for precision shooting. If it is a model equipped with a hop-up system, it has the performance to aim at 50 meters without wind depending on the skill.

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