89 type 5.56mm riffle

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  • Reproduce 3 bursts: newly developed mechanical BOX with mechanical 3 burst mechanism built-in, in addition to semi / full auto fire, fully reproduce 3 fire limit fire which fires 3 fires when pulling a trigger. The feel of the click at the time of selector operation is also realistic.

  • Motor gun top class rigidity: Improved rigidity through adoption of aluminum alloy integrated outer barrel and die-cast upper / lower receiver. The texture of the metal creates a reality.

  • Realistic movable gimmick: Operation / adjustment of each part such as front / rear site, cocking handle, gas regulator etc. is possible. At the rear site, the storage function of the 89-type rifle is also reproduced.

  • Die-cast bipod included: The bipod, which can be easily attached to the barrel by lever operation, can be folded like a real thing.

  • Compatible with various muzzle options: If you remove the flash hider, you can attach a muzzle option of 14 mm reverse screw type such as a silencer.

  • 89 type exclusive real type magazine: The number of 69 bullets, a realistic magazine except for the dermy cart from the hole in the side, can be fired up to the last 1 shot. In addition, magazines for the M16 and M4 series can also be used just like the real thing. 

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