AK47S with folding stock

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  • Pursuing the reality of the appearance: We measure from the real thing, and reproduce the details of the details in detail. We have also developed a thin motor to avoid the deformation of the grip. In addition, metal material is used everywhere, and you can enjoy the cold texture and heavy feeling of metal.

  • Folding stock: With the stock lock button, the stock can be stored in the lower part of the body. You can use different styles depending on the situation, such as expanding the stock when you want to aim firmly and collapsing the stock when you emphasize mobility.

  • The wooden part is also realistically reproduced: The realistic wood grain reproduced in the hand guard and grip boosts the atmosphere of the AK47S.

  • Adjustable front / rear site: The front site can be adjusted up and down with a dedicated adjustment tool. In addition, at the rear site, just by changing the position of the slide bar, the plate-like site body is lifted, and the landing can be adjusted up and down.

  • Various muzzle options available: If you remove the muzzle protector on the muzzle, you can attach a muzzle option such as a silencer with a 14mm reverse screw specification.

  • Press-finished realistic magazine: 70 bullets, a magazine with an outer case made of genuine steel press is included.

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