Charger for MS Li-Po battery

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Major features

Charger for MS Li-Po battery

This is a dedicated (*) charger for the Tokyo Marui "MS Li-Po Battery". The protection function and temperature sensor installed in the battery and the various protection functions installed in this product make it possible to charge, use and store the lipo battery more safely. * Cannot be used with anything other than Tokyo Marui genuine lipo batteries.

Equipped with various protection functions

Six protection functions manage battery temperature, charging current, charging voltage, etc. to prevent problems such as heat generation. [1] Battery temperature abnormality detection [2] Battery voltage abnormality detection [3] AC adapter input voltage abnormality detection [4] Charge/discharge protection timer [5] Charging current abnormality detection [6] Battery temperature warning display

Equipped with storage mode

Equipped with a storage mode that adjusts the battery to a voltage suitable for storage. Press the "STOR" button to check the battery status and automatically charge/discharge until the voltage is suitable for storage.

Notification of status with LED and buzzer

The status of standby and charging/storage mode can be identified by lighting/blinking of the indicator and beep sound. In addition, if any abnormality is detected, the blinking pattern of the indicator and the buzzer sound will inform you of what kind of abnormality has occurred.

Fast charging about 1.5 hours

It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. A battery in storage mode will be fully charged in about 30 minutes. *The time required to fully charge the battery varies depending on the remaining battery level.


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