Colt M733 command

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  • Pursuing the reality of the real thing: Stock showing that it is a transitional model from M16A1 to A2, slender hand guard similar to the real thing, engraving showing the civilian model used by Delta Force, gas tube etc. The internal parts are also realistically reproduced.
  • Lightweight and highly rigid: The aluminum-integrated outer barrel ensures sufficient rigidity for game use while also reducing weight.
  • Retractable stock: Equipped with a sliding retractable stock that can change the length of the stock in 4 stages. You can choose the length that suits your body type and situation.
  • Adjustable front / rear sight: The front sight can be adjusted up and down with the included adjustment tool. In addition, the rear sight can be finely adjusted by dialing up, down, left and right respectively.
  • Various muzzle options can be installed: By removing the compensator, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.
  • Easy hop adjustment: When you pull the charging handle, the port cover opens and the dummy bolt retracts. You can quickly adjust the hop with the dial-type hop dial.
  • Realistic press-finished magazine: A short-type magazine with 68 bullets and a steel-pressed outer case similar to the real one is included.

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