Glock 17 3rd Generation

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  • 3rd Generation Style Railframe: The frame integrated with a 20mm wide under rail that can be fitted with CQB equipped lights is equipped with a finger channel and a thumb rest that always allows the best gripping .

  • Lanyard link: The lanyard link at the rear of the grip can connect a lanyard (= negative strap) that prevents loss and fall.

  • Matte black finish: Slide and frame, and other visible parts are finished in mat black which suppresses light reflection.

  • Cocking indicator: The gimmick which can judge easily whether the main body is in the firing possible state is installed according to the rest position of the trigger.

  • Night site included: In addition to the normal type front / rear site built into the main unit, a night - saving type site is included. By irradiating the dot part with light, the phosphorescent luminescent pigment used for the dots absorbs light and emits light.

  • Powerful blow back: The slide recedes vigorously as soon as it fires, and it is a model that realistically reproduces the apparent force and the intense recoil at launch.

  • Die Cast Magazine: 25 magazines and a cold-resistant die-cast magazine are included.

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