Glock 19 4th Generation

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  • Adoption of large diameter cylinder: The new blow back engine is installed and the internal structure is refined altogether. We adopted a cylinder that is as large as 15 mm in diameter, and realized stable performance and powerful blow back.

  • Improve reproducibility: Based on data measured from authentic Glock 19, pursue reality of size and detail. In addition, we are sticking to reproducing the texture of detail, such as separating the extractor and slide cover plate into separate parts. It is a dummy simulating only the appearance.

  • A new non-slip is adopted for the frame integrated with a 20 mm wide underrail that can be equipped with the light that is indispensable for CQB equipment. In addition, 2 types x 2 sizes of back straps are attached, and the grip size can be changed in 3 stages including the unattached state.

  • A lanyard (= lanyard) that prevents loss or falling can be connected to the lanyard link at the rear of the grip.
  • Cocking indicator: The gimmick which can judge easily whether the main body is in the firing possible state is installed according to the rest position of the trigger.

  • Comes with a die-cast magazine that has 22 bullets and is resistant to cold.

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