HK 45 Tactical

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  • Dedicated silencer included: Lightweight aluminum made exclusive silencer which is hard to interfere with operation performance is included. The internal sound absorbing sponge reduces the forward sound of the launch sound. In addition, in order to have sufficient durability to fit the silencer, adopted an outer barrel made of metal and resin. To protect the thread portion of the muzzle when the silencer is not installed, the muzzle protector is also included. * Muzzle options other than the attached dedicated silencer are not supported.

  • Large caliber cylinder adoption: The cylinder which becomes 15 mm in diameter is filled with gas for launch & blowback. It realized stable fire performance and powerful blow back.

  • Safety & Decoking System: By operating the safety lever, it is also possible to lock the hammer in full cock (state in which it can fire), and it is also possible to return it from full cock to half cock to prevent accident due to falling. In addition, the safety lever has become an ambi type that can be operated from either side.

  • Ambidextrous type slide stop and magazine catch lever: Operation is possible from either the left or right, and you can not choose the dominant arm.

  • Grip back strap included: Two types of S / M are included. You can adjust the grip comfort according to the size of the hand.

  • Equipped with under rails: For under rails integrated with the frame, flash light etc. compatible with Picatinny standard (20 mm width) can be installed.

  • 3-dot sight: Equipped with a specially designed front / rear sight with white dots. The shape of the rear sight reproduces the type that allows a "one-handed cock" that hooks the front and pulls the slide. * If you apply excessive force to the rear sight to perform a one-handed cock, the product may be damaged due to its strength.
  • Die-cast magazine: 26 bullets, cold-resistant die-cast magazine included.

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