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  • Lightweight and compact: The G3 series is the smallest and lightest with a total length of 487 mm and a weight of 2,200 g. It does not impair the mobility of the user even in a narrow place.

  • Rail hand guard adopted: The hand guard is equipped with a mounting rail. Options such as flashlights and fore grips can be fitted for 20 mm wide rails.

  • Compatible with various muzzle options: If you remove the flash hider, you can attach a muzzle option of 14 mm reverse screw type such as a silencer.

  • Adjustable rear sight: The metal rear sight can be adjusted with a screwdriver, and it can be adjusted up and down in four stages by rotating a circular part.

  • Hop adjustment is easy: pulling the cocking lever on the handguard opens the ejection port on the right side. You can adjust the degree of hop just by turning the dial in the port.

  • Continuous shooting magazine standard equipment: A continuous shooting magazine with 500 bullets is attached. It is a realistic magazine that uses a steel press outer case similar to the real thing.

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