HK G3 Shorty MC51

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  • Pursuing the reality of the appearance: faithfully reproduce the features of the MC51. The letters 0 (safety), 1 (semi-auto) and 20 (full-auto) are engraved around the selector. In addition, based on G3 series which measured from the real thing, the reproducibility is made use of in MC51.

  • Dedicated mechanical box: The mechanical box, which can be said to be the heart of an electric gun, is specially set for the MC51. It has the same actual shooting performance as the electric gun in the assault rifle class.

  • Slide stock: The stock can be expanded and contracted with one lever operation. The overall length changes from 625 mm, which is easy to handle even in narrow places, to 806 mm, which can be aimed firmly. The rigidity of the stock is also secured by making the stock pillars of metal so as to sandwich the main body on both sides.

  • Adjustable rear sight: The metal rear sight can be adjusted with a screwdriver, and it can be adjusted up and down in four stages by rotating a circular part.

  • Hop adjustment is easy: pulling the cocking lever on the handguard opens the ejection port on the right side. You can adjust the degree of hop just by turning the dial in the port.

  • Press-finished realistic magazine: 70 bullets, a magazine with an outer case made of genuine steel press is included.

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