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  • Rail adapter system: A RAS hand guard with a 20mm wide mount rail on three sides is reproduced with aluminum material. Attach the included fore grip to the rail on the bottom of the hand guard to greatly improve the stability and handling. In addition, hand guard panels protecting the rails are also included on both sides.

  • Dot site standard equipment: A 20 mm wide low mount base is installed on the top of the receiver, and the original dot site with enhanced practicality is provided with reference to US military adopted products. Precise and fast sighting is possible.

  • Compatible with various muzzle options: By removing the flash hider and barrel front collar, you can attach a muzzle option such as a silencer with a 14mm reverse screw specification.

  • Side swing stock: PDW type stock that can be folded on the right side of the body. The robust locking mechanism allows you to be set up with no rattling or distortion when stocking.

  • Simple maneuverability: The maneuverability of the MP5, which can be used with little training, can be experienced with an airsoft gun. It is Miryoku to be able to intuitively perform basic operations such as selectors, triggers, and magazine changes.

  • Adjustable rear site: The metal rear site can be adjusted with a screwdriver, and the size of the hole can be switched to 4 levels by rotating a circular part.

  • Hop adjustment is easy: You can easily adjust the degree of hop by simply operating the lever at the upper left hand guard.

  • Press-finished realistic magazine: 50 bullets, a magazine with an outer case made of genuine steel press is included.

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