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  • Frame color suitable for modern equipment: The slide, frame, and magazine bumper use FDE color for battles in desert areas such as the Middle East.

  • Hybrid night sight: A night sight with light-collecting type dots that are easy to see in bright places and luminous type dots that glow in dark places is standard equipment. * In the phosphorescent type, by irradiating the dot part with a light etc., the phosphorescent material used for the dot absorbs the light and emits light.

  • Large-diameter cylinder adopted: A cylinder with a diameter of 15 mm is filled with gas for firing and blowback. Achieves stable shooting performance and powerful blowback.

  • Ambi-type slide stop and thumb safety: It can be operated from either the left or right side, regardless of the dominant arm.

  • Includes palm swell: 3 types of S / M / L (FDE color) are included. You can adjust the size of the palm swell (bulge) at the rear of the grip.

  • Two safety devices: Equipped with two safety devices, trigger safety and thumb safety. Prevents outbursts due to accidental fire or falling.

  • Equipped with underrail: The underrail integrated with the frame can be equipped with a flashlight compatible with the Picatinny standard (20 mm width).

  • Die-cast magazine: Includes a die-cast magazine that has 25 bullets and is equipped with an FDE-colored magazine bumper that is resistant to cold. It also comes with a spare magazine bumper (FDE color).

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