M14 Socom

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  • New Finished Black Stock: The entire stock has a sandstone finish to prevent slippage. A jet-black stock with reduced light reflection complements the M14 Socom's purity.

  • Scout Style Mount Base: Install a mount base designed for dot site mounting. It realistically reproduces the style essential to modern combat.

  • Employs metal parts for each part: Uses metal materials for each part including aluminum integrated outer barrel, and raises rigidity and solid feeling. In addition, hand guards are measuring from the real thing.

  • Realistic movable gimmicks: Reproduce the bolt moving backwards with full stroke. A pleasant metallic sound boosts the atmosphere. In addition, safety levers and shoulder rest & butt plate placed in front of the trigger also have the same function as the real thing. The rear site is a fully adjustable type that can be adjusted left, right, up and down with the dial.

  • Reproduce the takedown: The trigger guard part is removed and it is possible to divide it into 3 parts, the barrel & receiver part and the stock part.

  • Compatible with various muzzle options: If you remove the flash hider, you can attach a muzzle option of 14 mm reverse screw type such as a silencer.

  • Press-finished realistic magazine: 70 bullets, a magazine with an outer case made of genuine steel press is included.

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