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  • Three stock models: OD (Olive Dove) stock that enhanced the camouflage effect in places where plants are plentiful, with fearless black stock corresponding to indoor and outdoor, and FDE (Flat Dark, which has enhanced camouflage effect in the desert area) Earth) stock, three versions model up.

  • Macmillan type stock: Stock made of resin pursues the reality of shape and texture by measuring the real thing. The cheek piece at the rear of the stock can be adjusted up and down and right and left of the screw as well as the real thing. It also comes with 4 spacers that can change the thickness of the bat plate, and you can set according to the physique of the shooter.

  • Reproduce realistic and heavy appearance: By adopting metallic materials for main parts other than stock, such as outer barrels, muzzle brakes, receivers, mount base, etc., it realizes a rigidity for the texture like genuine phone and game youth.

  • Fast and speedy operation: Equipped with an indicator to see if the bolt operation is present at a glance, and a bolt handle lock mechanism to prevent erroneous operation of the handle during cocking. Furthermore, by shortening the bolt stroke to 68 mm, it is possible to operate the bolt accurately and quickly.

  • BB loading system: Loading mechanism BB loading system for reproducing real magazine position is installed. When a magazine is not installed or when an empty magazine is installed, a safety mechanism that does not send bullets to the chamber works.

  • Trigger system: To make it easy to understand the shear release position (trigger position where BB bullet is launched) while pulling the trigger, add an actuator. Also, you can adjust the weight of the trigger and the stroke distance according to your preference.

  • Mount Base Equipment: In addition to the mount base for the optical site, an accessory mount that is also a feature of the M40A5 is standard equipment. Various optional parts corresponding to width 20 mm (Picatinny standard) can be installed.

  • Realistic magazine of press finishing: 35 magazines are loaded, magazine which adopts the outer case made of the same steel press as genuine is attached.

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