M870 Woodstock Type

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  •  Equipped with 3 ⇔ 6 shot switching system: 3 or 6 BB bullets are fired at the same time. The number of bullets fired at the same time can be easily switched with the lever in the ejection port. It is possible to handle a wide range of situations, such as switching between 3 shots for long distances and 6 shots for short and medium distances.

  • Rapid Fire System: Equipped with a function that allows continuous firing by cocking the fore end while pulling the trigger. With the light cocking unique to the gas type, you can quickly fire the next bullet.

  • Reproduce the realistic and profound appearance: Metallic materials are used for the main parts such as the outer barrel, receiver, and trigger plate to realize a real texture and rigidity that is safe for game use. In addition, the fore end and stock with beautiful wood grain paint measure the real thing to improve reproducibility.

  • Metal bead site: The front site uses a simple spherical bead site. An "anti-reflective groove" with a number of grooves on the top of the receiver prevents the reflected light from entering your eyes during sighting.

  • Double hop-up system: Equipped with a double hop-up system that hops all BB bullets to be fired. Stable accuracy has been achieved with both 3 and 6 shots.

  • Detachable large gas tank: A large die-cast gas tank that is resistant to cold is stored in the stock. Detachable and easy to replace.

  • Shot shell type magazine: 30 bullets, a magazine that imitates a real shot shell is attached. * A shotshell magazine for air shotguns can also be used.

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