M92F chrome stainless steel

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  • Hard Chrome Plating Finishing: Chrome plating is applied to slide, frame, parts of each part, reproduces the beauty of stainless silver, and scuffing performance is markedly improved. It has hardness to withstand violent holster action.

  • Realistic form: The beautiful form by Beretta Italy is reproduced to the detail in detail by measuring from real guns.

  • Reproduce the same operation as the real steal: You can enjoy a single action that raises a hammer by raising it manually, a double action that raises a hammer just by pulling a trigger, and two types of launch method.

  • Ambidek Strauss · Safety: Safety installed on both sides of the slide is lockable with the hammer raised. Fast launch is possible from cancellation cancellation.

  • Best gripping: The best gripping always possible finger channel · Grip is rubber coated on the surface and it's also less slippery.

  • Powerful blow back: The slide recedes vigorously as soon as it fires, and it is a model that realistically reproduces the apparent force and the intense recoil at launch.

  • Die Cast Magazine: 26 magazines, hard chrome plating is applied to a cold-resistant die-cast magazine.

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