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  • Compact Mechanical Box: Conventional electric gun 's performance condensed into a compact mechanical BOX. It is now possible to line up more compact models while maintaining hit accuracy and flight distance.

  • With a new safety mechanism: The battery replacement can not be done unless the selector is in the safety position.

  • Realistic movable gimmicks: Faithfully reproduce styles and functions similar to genuine ones, such as folding / foregrip and slide stock.

  • Three mounting rails are standard equipment: Equipped with a metal mounting rail with a width of 20 mm on the top and both sides of the receiver. Optional parts such as various optical equipment and flash light can be installed.

  • Adjustable front / rear site: reproduces removable KSK site unique to MP7A1. You can fine-tune the landing points on the left and right at the front site and at the rear site on the left and right, you can use the site by defeating it.

  • Two colors: A line with two colors of black with a professional atmosphere and tan color showing the camouflage effect in the desert area.

  • EX conversion adapter included: 7.2 V micro 500 battery can be used by EX conversion adapter.

  • 20 series type magazine: It is a magazine that adopted 50 number of filings and an outer shell (exterior cover) made of steel press.

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