MS Li-Po Battery [Standard Type]

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Major features

Large capacity Li-Po battery

It is a 7.4V 1500mAh Li-Po battery that is resistant to cold and has little spontaneous discharge. Compact, lightweight and large capacity compared to conventional nickel metal hydride batteries. Furthermore, because the output is high, the response from pulling the trigger to firing the BB bullet is improved.

Equipped with 5 protection functions

The battery is equipped with a protection function that protects the battery and the user from problems such as overcharging, overdischarging, and short circuits. [1] Overdischarge prevention function [2] Overcharge prevention function [3] Discharge overcurrent protection function [4] Short circuit protection function [5] 0V (zero volt) charging prohibition function

Built-in temperature sensor

By incorporating a temperature sensor into the battery, the connected MS Li-Po battery compatible charger and electric gun detect the battery temperature. If the temperature is abnormal or out of the operating range, the operation will be stopped.

Protect with hard case

Uses a flame-retardant PVC hard case that protects the battery from external shocks. Prevents battery damage that can cause smoke, explosion or fire.

Cells are managed by an internal circuit

A circuit inside the battery manages two cells connected in series. By monitoring the voltage applied to each cell and charging the cells that are deteriorating, it is possible to prevent further deterioration when connecting to an electric gun.


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