SAA .45 Silver

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  • No power source required

    A handy air cocking model that manually prepares for each shot. Just operate the hammer to complete the firing preparation, and then just pull the trigger to fire the BB bullet.

  • Reproduce characteristic operations

    Set the cartridge with the BB bullet set in the cylinder one by one in the half cocked state. You can enjoy reloading unique to this model. In addition, the cartridge can be taken out one by one with the ejector rod.

  • Internal frame with metal parts

    Rigidity is increased by using metal parts for the internal frame. Distortion at the time of hammer cock has been eliminated.

  • Equipped with a variable hop-up system

    Equipped with a variable hop-up system that can fly BB bullets far with less power by giving rotation to bullets. The degree of hop can be adjusted according to 0.12g or 0.2g BB bullets.

  • Equipped with safety

    Equipped with a safety imitating a screw on the top of the trigger. By pushing the safety at full cock, the trigger and hammer are locked.

  • Includes 6 cartridges

    6 cartridges that can load BB bullets one by one are included. The full cock allows the warhead to move within the cylinder, increasing accuracy.

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