Samurai Edge High Grade Type

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  • Powerful blowback: The slide retracts at the same time as launching, it is a model that realistically reproduces the apparent force and the intense recoil at launch. The blowback engine of the gas blowback "US M9 pistol" is carried and you can enjoy a more powerful reaction while fuel economy is lower than the conventional standard model.

  • Original engraved slide: Brigadia slide with increased thickness and strengthened locking part finished in dark gray color to express the setting called steel slide. Also, on the side of the slide is an original stamp of "STARS" and "LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY (only law enforcement officials are available)".

  • Sophisticated design: Equipped with stainless steel silver barrel in plating process and impressive hybrid / custom grip combining the slipperiness of rubber with the beauty of wood grain. In the grip, gold medallion arranged with 'navy' symbolizing STARS "justice" is embedded.

  • Upgradability: Adopt a tactical combat site that makes it easier for white dots to enter, and a long type slide stop that is easy to operate. A more speedy and reliable operation is possible.

  • Reproduce the same operation as the honmon: You can enjoy a single action that raises a hammer by raising it manually, a double action that raises a hammer just by pulling a trigger, and two types of launch method.

  • Decocking system installation: By lowering the safety lever installed on both sides of the slide, Safety functions when the hammer is down, and decking to safely return the hammer at the time of full cock of the hammer is possible.

  • Die Cast Magazine: 26 magazines and a cold-resistant die-cast magazine are included.

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