Type 89 folding stock gas type

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  • Realize intense blowback: Bolt works in conjunction with launch, you can enjoy unprecedented strong recoil shock.

  • High durability realized: Bolt stop by hold open In order to prevent wear and breakage of the button, it is equipped with a dedicated "Z-system 89 formula ver." By incorporating the Z - system in the bolt, the reproducibility of the internal shape is improved.

  • Realistic movable gimmick: like genuine loading by cocking handle operation, bolt opening and bolt catching operation after magazine change, opening and closing dust cover and grip bottom, deployment of bipod attached to outer barrel, etc. It is faithfully reproduced. You can also take down takedown (ordinary disassembly for maintenance) in a form close to genuine.

  • Hand guard combining metal and resin: removable hand guard when adjusting hop-up system reproduces the combination of steel press and resin as well as genuine. In addition, the shape of gas cylinder and outer barrel covered with hand guard also improves reproducibility.

  • Die-cast bipod included: A bipod that can be easily mounted on a barrel by lever operation can be folded like a genuine article.

  • Adjustable front / rear sites: Adjustable top and bottom of the front site can be adjusted with the included adjustment tool. In addition, you can fine-tune the rear site by up and down, left and right dial control respectively.

  • Corresponding to various muzzle options: The flash hider of the muzzle is a double nut type to fix with the barrel nut. If you remove the flash hider, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.

  • Aluminum die-cast magazine: 35 magazines, aluminum die-cast magazine reproduces the shape of the remaining bullet confirmation hole on the left side.

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