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  • Large caliber cylinder adoption: The cylinder which becomes 15 mm in diameter is filled with gas for launch & blowback. It realized stable fire performance and powerful blow back.

  • Safety & decocking system: By operating the control lever, it is possible to lock when the hammer is full cock (in the state where it can fire), and it is also possible to return from the full cock to the half cock to prevent accidents caused by falling etc.

  • Reproduce the same operation as a realist: you can enjoy a single action that pulls a slide, raises a hammer and fires it, a double action that raises a hammer by pulling a trigger and a double action, two ways of launch.

  • Bobd Hanmer: Adopting the dehorded type Bobd Hanmar, which is hard to get caught in clothes etc when pulled out of the holster.

  • Undermount rail included: Underlayle integrated with frame is original standard. By attaching the included undermount rail, you can install flash light etc. corresponding to the Picatinny standard with a width of 20 mm.

  • Ambi type magazine catch lever: Operation is possible from either the left or right.

  • Die-cast magazine: 23 magazines and a cold-resistant die-cast magazine are included. A magazine bumper with a finger rest ensures a sense of stability at the time of grip. Magazine bumper with finger rest is exchangeable with the attached flat mag plate.

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