VSR-10 Pro Sniper

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  • Change the style according to the situation: If you install a dedicated silencer, you can enjoy muting sniping, if you remove the silencer you can enjoy CQB (= close battle) respectively.

  • Reproduce bolt operation: Load the next bullet by pulling back the bolt. From the series of actions you can feel the sense of urgency and realism of the sniper. In addition, adopting a cylinder support ring and a new bolt handle excellent in operability makes it possible to operate lightweight and smooth operation ever.

  • A fearless black style: The matte finish which suppressed the reflection of light and the color unified with black are directing the fearlessness as a sniper rifle.

  • High performance and high rigidity: By adopting a lightweight, rigid aluminum die-cast receiver and outer barrel, and a brass precision barrel dedicated to G specs, the hit accuracy at long distances is further improved.

  • Trigger pull adjustment: A metal trigger unit realizes a sharp trigger feeling. Trigger weight and stroke distance can be adjusted according to your preference.

  • Equipped with dedicated option: A mounting rail with a width of 20 mm and a sling swivel for attaching a sling are equipped as standard, corresponding to the mounting of optical devices such as scope and dot site.

  • BOX type magazine adoption: BOX type magazine which can carry out quick magazine change with one push is attached with 30 number of bullets attached.

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